Ch-ch-ch-changes Webstock 2013 style

It wouldn’t be a Webstock without some late-breaking news about the need to, very sadly, replace a speaker. Or two.

We’re very sorry to say that due to unforseen personal circumstances both Whitney Hess and Paul Irish will be unable to join us at Webstock. Both were very much looking forward to Webstock and it’s with regret that they’ve had to pull out.

The one bright side of these situations is that it does give us a chance to bring someone equally awesome in to speak though! We’re delighted to welcome Kitt Hodsden and Artur Bergman to the Webstock ’13 lineup!

Kitt is an engineer at Twitter and gives the worst talks ever! Artur, founder of Fastly, a next generation CDN service , is a proponent of full stack awareness and a hater of slow.

So, welcome to Kitt and Artur! And our best wishes to Whitney and Paul.