The bad news and the good news…

In continuing with our fine Webstock tradition of losing a speaker at the last moment, we’re really sad to announce the Garr Reynolds has had to cancel his trip to Webstock. He’s come down with a bad case of the flu, it’s very contagious and his Dr has advised no travel. Garr really really wanted to make it here, but:

a) he was so sick his wife had to write us and let us know he couldn’t make it;
b) we didn’t want to be known as the conference that infected the whole NZ web community and various web glitterati from around the world with highly infectious flu!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we’ve got a wonderful replacement for Garr at the conference. Amy Hoy, who’s spoken twice at Webstock before has agreed to step in at very late notice and deliver what we’re sure will be a wonderful presentation in Garr’s place. Thank you Amy, we’re extremely grateful!

Another option that was discussed rejected here at Webstock was having Webstock’s own Ben Lampard replace Garr with his own talk, entitled, ‘Presentation Ben’. We’re sure you’ll join with us in being glad Amy was in the country!

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