The Webstock recordings

All the recordings from the Webstock 09 conference are now online. that’s some 24 recordings, plus the opening and closing of the conference. They’re in a variety of formats – streaming and downloadable – and we’ve also incorporated the ability for people to tag and comment on the recordings.

Past recordings from Webstock 08 and Webstock 06 are also available. There’s 72 recordings now available from some of the most respected, innovative and exciting people in our industry: Kathy Sierra, Doug Bowman, Kelly Goto, Tom Coates, Peter Morville, Jason Santa Maria, Simon Willison, Liz Danzico, Ze Frank, Bruce Sterling and more.

We’ve been asked a few times why we make the recordings so widely available – surely it must impact on numbers attending Webstock? Or why they’re available free, instead of something we could charge for.

It comes down to this, what Tash has called “good web citizenship”.

Most of what we’ve learned about the web, (and I suspect pretty much everyone else except, maybe, some of the people mentioned above) has been the result of others sharing with us. Initially through mailing lists and bulletin boards, then through blogs and articles and more recently through video and screencasts. This culture of openness, of sharing and of feeling like we’re all learning as we go has been a huge factor in driving innovation and growth on the web. It’s humbling for us that so many people we respect and admire have made what they do so freely available for others.

We hope that by making these recordings available we’re repaying that debt as well as we can.

And a huge thank you to all of the speakers who’ve given us permission to do so.

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