Danke Schoen!

Webstock is only possible because of the support of some bloomin’ fantastic people. Webstock 2010 was no exception, infact for me personally, due to a variety of circumstances, this one was the hardest to do and the one where I needed and appreciated the support most.

So we’d like to do a massive shout out to some of the wonderful souls who help Mike, Ben, Deb and I pull off this year’s Webstock malarkey. Their contribution; their energy; their patience; their great ideas, their sense of community and their selflessness is truly inspiring stuff.

Without further ado, great, big, huge, madsize thanks to:

The Agents Of Awesome
To Keith, Kowhai, Ludwig, Aleah, Jess, Mike, Amanda, Jenine and Tash 2.0.
Thank you for your attention to detail, your initiative, your warmth and your willingness to go the extra mile in everything you do.

Our Speakers
To Jeff Atwood, Shelley Bernstein, Daniel Burka, Ben Cerveny, Sebastian Chan, Mike Davidson, Regine Debatty, Esther Derby, Brian Fling, Thomas Fuchs, Adam Greenfield, Lachlan Hardy, Lisa Herrod, Bek Hodgson, Amy Hoy, Mark Pesce, John Resig, Eric Ries, Rives, Kevin Rose, Toby Segaran, Chris Shiflett, Scott Thomas and Jeffrey Veen.
Thank you for your sharing your knowledge with us, and inspiring us to do and think of things bigger and better than before.

Our super fricken awesome Sponsors
To Brian and the team at SilverStripe; Katy and Wayne and the folks at Intergen; Carl and Bron and the Springloaders; Nigel and Daryl and Microsoft; Leslie and Chris and Google; Rod and Craig and the Xero crew; Mark and James and the other 3month-ers; Andy and Jo and Digital NZ; Simon and the Affilorama team; Matt and Su Yin at Idealog; Rachael and Young at our nation’s airline, Air NZ; and the Wellington City Council.
Gosh dang! We feel very lucky to work with people who not only get the web, but get what we’re trying to do. A cooler team of Sponsors we could not hope to find.

Big love to James Everett, Timothy Greig, James Gilberd, Matt Dillion, Peter McLennan and the kids behind #Midnightnote, #webstockbingo and the #webstockgame. Thanks too to our other hard working and super awesome suppliers. And as always, a very, very special thank you to Ange.

And last but certainly not least, to each and every one of you who attended Webstock this year, thank you for your support and your enthusiasm and your passion. We deeply appreciate the opportunity you give us to put on this event and the faith you put in us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll leave this guy to have the final word…

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