Webstock is only possible because of the support of a number of super awesome people. We owe these people a debt of gratitude.

The Webstock very Special Agents

To Mike Forbes, Aleah; Ludwig; Amanda; Tash 2.0; Michelle; Jess; Luba; Keith; Jenine and Jojo. Thank you for your attention to detail, your initiative and dedication. We love you long time.

Our wonderful Speakers

To Marco Arment, Doug Bowman, Josh Clark, Tom Coates, Jason Cohen, Frank Chimero, John Gruber, Kristina Halvorson, Michael Koziarski, Michael Lopp, Merlin Mann, David McCandless, Scott McCloud, Amanda Palmer, Christine Perfetti, Mark Pilgrim, David Recordon, Jason Santa Maria, Glenda Sims, Steve Souders, Peter Sunde, Nicole Sullivan and Jason Webley.

Thank you for your travelling so far, for sharing so much, for inspiring us to do and think of things in new ways. It’s an honour to have had you at Webstock.

And a special shout-out to Mathew Patterson — we would have loved to have had you at Webstock, but hey, you’ve now got a new baby — and to danah boyd.

Our glorious Sponsors

To Philip, Craig, Charlotte and the rest of the Xero crew; Carl and Bron and the Springloaders; Kat, Leslie and Chris at Google; Darryl, Matthew and the team at BNZ, and Matt at Idealog.

Without your support Webstock ’11 wouldn’t have happened. Simple as that. Thank you.

Thanks also to James Gilberd; Matt Dillon; Peter McLennan; Julie Starr; Eric Sussman; Belinda Too; Kai, Minty and Diane of the #webstockgame; the kids behind #webstockbingo and #rockstars2011. Thanks too to our other hard working, wonderful suppliers.

And as always, a very, very special thank you to Ange.

Last but certainly not least, to each and every one of you who attended Webstock this year, thank you. Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm and for making Webstock what it is. YOU ARE AWESOME! Fact.