The bag rocked

Simone Hindin:

And there was some great stuff – first of all the bag rocked. And one of displays, an outfit called VERB down in Timaru, were giving away very cute robot toys.

I bought some neat stuff on the Thursday evening when they had Craft 2.0 during the cocktails. I bought badges from supervery and lusted after artwork by Sam Broad (check out this guy’s moustache) and toys and art by Minu.

[Via : simonehindin: Webstock.]

The web is no longer really about pages

Stephen Blyth had some deep thoughts about Webstock, and was unsure if it was trees, wood or the whole of cyberspace he couldn’t see. But he did draw some conclusions:

Anyway, the things that I’ve grasped hold of include:

  1. the web is no longer really about pages, but about content served up in lots of ways (eg through widgets, RSS, feeds, badges as well as humble pages)
  2. mashups, once sort of wacky and wild, are really maturing, particularly with mapping
  3. basic web design and writing rules still apply
  4. there’s a few initiatives that will make web users’ lives easier, eg OpenID
  5. we’re not all aspiring software developers at heart.

[Via : Wood for the trees – Webstock08.]

Participants are the Producers. Deal with it. But how?

Dan Randow:

At Webstock I got to be in a large room full of people, all facing, and feeling the same challenges. We were enthralled and entertained by the speakers, we ate, we drank, talked and laughed, we grooved to Twinset, the Ukulele Orchestra and Craftstock, we flaunted our bags and teeshirts, and felt proud to be part of a profoundly inspiring web event, that is right here in Aotearoa.

[Via : Webstock: Participants are the Producers. Deal with it. But how?.]