Sadness: danah can’t come to Webstock

Webstockers, we are sad. This morning we received news that danah boyd will now be unable to come to Webstock ’11 (you can read about it here). We know you’ll be disappointed. We’re so sorry.

Let’s all send danah healing vibes to assist her in the speediest recovery ever. And stay tuned for more from us as to her replacement….

Webstock – the stats!

We thought it might be interesting to post some of the stats for the Webstock site over the past year, since 1 January.

53,601 unique people have visited the site and together they’ve made a total of 76,866 visits. There have been 199,082 pageviews.

Browser breakdown:
Firefox – 56.03%
Internet Explorer – 17.84%
Safari – 16.37%
Chrome – 5.88%
Opera – 1.65%

Breaking down Internet Explorer a little more:
IE 7 – 57.17%
IE 6 – 25.72%
IE 5 – 17.05%

61.09% of the visitors have been on Windows OS, 33.36% on Mac, 3.69% on Linux and 1.44% on iPhone.

Screen resolutions:
1280×800 – 18.02%
1280×1024 – 17.40%
1680×1050 – 16.09%
1440×900 – 14.17%
1024×768 – 10.45%
1920×1200 – 10.37%

50.94% of our traffic was from referring sites, 30.81% came to us directly and 17.88% was from search engines.

We’d proud to say we had no AdWords, Keywords, Campaigns or Ad versions πŸ™‚

About 40% of our visits came from New Zealand and 20% from the USA. The next largest countries for visitors were: Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. Of New Zealand visits, 12,659 were from Wellington and 11,557 from Auckland.

Pages most visited (aside from homepage):
09 programme
Words for Webstock – Bruce Sterling
2010 programme
09 speakers
2010 speakers

And, finally, the most popular search term that gets people to Webstock (aside from variations of ‘Webstock’)? It’s ‘Sam Morgan’!

Have a great break over the holidays everyone.

Rives coming to Webstock

We’re delighted to announce Rives as a speaker for Webstock 2010!

Rives is a poet, a regular on “HBO’s Def Poetry Jam” and a featured speaker at a number of TED conferences.

Here’s a couple of videos to give you an idea of what to expect.

Rives controls the internet

Rives tells a story of mixed emoticons