The eating of food & the drinking of drink at Webstock 15

Your nourishment and sustenance while at Webstock’s main event on Thursday and Friday is important to us. We want the offerings to be auspiciously nutritious and ambitiously delicious.

Much of the food available will be locally and sustainably sourced and there’ll be a wide range of organic, plant based, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and nut free options.

Amongst other things, we’ll have…


Peoples Coffee, Webstock’s official purveyors of the wakey-wakey juice we call coffee, will be back again, both days, all day, serving up damn fine cups of joe from their espresso station downstairs. Or join them upstairs for something a little more chilled out at their Cold Brew Bar.

Their head trainer Robbie will also be on site to show you how to brew Chemex or Aeropress, and talk coffee geekery with you.


We’ll have a selection of Karma Colas which are organic, fairtrade and delicious, along with organic cold pressed juices, which not only tickle your tastebuds, but are tremendously good for you. Antioxidants and what not apparently. Both the cola and the juices be available throughout the event.

Plus there will water stations aplenty, situated around the venue to help keep hydration at optimal levels.


To this day, the record for the fastest pouring of a keg of Garage Project belongs to the attendees of Webstock. In 2013, the tap on a keg of API 1.0 was turned on, poured continuously and wasn’t turned off until the keg was bone dry.

Garage Project are back with their glorious third iteration of the Webstock API (‘reverse IPA’)brewed with a trifecta of tasty Kiwi hops – Wai-iti, Waimea and Rakau – then canned to capture their floral fruit, citrus and resin lines of code.

Garage Project beer o’clock will take place at afternoon tea time, both days. Beers will also be available at Beats & Brews on Thursday, and at the Webstock After Party.


Back by popular demand, we’ll be serving specially-made ice cream, and non-dairy frozen tasty treats.

From the Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, made of organic milk and cream, and free of nasty pre-made mixes, stabilisers or preservatives, we have ice cream pops in the following bespoke flavours:

  • Blackberry Chip – Blackberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips*
  • Webstock Grasshopper – Fresh peppermint ice cream with a dark chocolate swirl*
  • Aztec Chocolate – Dark chocolate ice cream with a hint of spice*
  • Strawberry Shortcake – Sweet cream ice cream with a strawberry/pastry swirl

* gluten free & nut free

We’ve also got Little Island, New Zealand’s first coconut-based ice cream. It’s vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and soy free. It’s also delicious and will be available throughout the two days in vanilla bean and chocolate flavours.


And, on Thursday, after the last talk of the day, and before Startup Alley, there’ll be Beats & Brews and thanks to the team at La Boca Loca, a tempting schmear of authentic Mexican delicacies.
La Boca Loca uses fresh, responsibly produced, sustainable cuisine, and organic produce whenever possible. They’ll be serving chilangas, gluten-free deep fried Mexican pies, in meat and vegetarian varieties, for $5 each, between 5 and 7pm.


We also have chocolate from the Wellington Chocolate Company. It’s Dominican Republic, strong & dark (70%) with earthy tones, hints of marmalade, infused with a twist of Webstock. It’s organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low salt, yeast free, fair trade & made in NZ. Infact, it’s so good for you that it would be wrong not to eat it.

Colour me excited!

BNZ Start-Up Alley ’15 finalists

Our fourth Start-up Alley, in conjunction with BNZ, saw a strong and stirring range of entries. We would have loved to showcase every entry, but due to rules, only six finalists could be selected..and here they are.

Good luck to all of them!


“We’re ecstatic to be included as a finalist in Webstock! Yay!

Banqer is a platform for teaching financial literacy; think online banking for kids matched with purpose built teaching resources. It all comes together in the classroom to help teach financial life skills in a fun, engaging way that’s inline with the New Zealand curriculum.

Come say hi or visit to find out more!”
– Kendall Flutey – Banqer

Factor Free

“We’re excited about testing FactorFree in the cauldron of BNZ Start-up Alley! Online security is something we all know we should take more seriously, but in real life, it’s normally too much hassle. FactorFree removes the pain of security with a service that adds high-security multi-factor login to a website so seamlessly that users will be protected without even noticing it.”
– Carl Penwarden – FactorFree


“We’re transforming a 180 year old coaching model, desperate for innovation. Moxiee finally lets health, fitness & wellness coaches scale their business and change more lives than ever before. I can’t wait to go to my first Webstock, and I see BNZ Start-up Alley as the perfect stage to take Moxiee to the world.”
– Alex Asher – Founder of Moxiee

Rave build

Rave Build Management
Rave Build is a complete Enterprise Management Software for residential builders. Our cloud-based system helps homebuilders and subcontractors save time and money by managing their businesses with efficiency never before possible. We are delighted to be selected as one of the BNZ Start-up Alley finalists and look forward to taking part.”
– Barry Ward – Rave Build


“We’re thrilled to be finalists in this year’s BNZ Start-Up Alley and will look forward to introducing Syngency’s cloud platform for modelling, talent and acting agencies to everyone at Webstock this year!”
Ryan Marshall – Syngency


“Have you ever spent hours researching something online? Did you end up with 80 tabs open and a foggy head—wondering ‘What was I even looking at?’

Trailblazer fixes that. It’s an upgrade to Google Chrome which turns your research into a glanceable map. It shows you where you were, how you got there and what was important. You can pick up the trail again whether it’s 3 minutes or 3 months later.

We can’t wait to connect with all you lovely people at Webstock. Keep an eye out for us on Twitter (@TrailblazerApp) and in person. Look for the man wearing inappropriate goggles.”
– Andy Wilkinson – Trailblazer

Webstock Santa

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year where Webstock Santa makes an appearance. We have tickets to give away to the main Webstock conference. We’d like to see these going to deserving souls who would be unlikely otherwise to come to Webstock – maybe due to financial or personal circumstances. We’d like them to go to good folks who’d benefit from the talks, the people and the vibe that makes Webstock what it is.

Here’s what you need to know:

– You can’t enter yourself for this. People need to be nominated by someone else.

– Tell us who they are and why you think they should get a Webstock ticket. Include their email and Twitter handle (if they have one), so we can let them know if they win.

– If someone has had a free ticket to Webstock previously, they’re not eligible for the competition.

– Entries close at midnight on Monday 22 December.

– We’ll let everyone know the winners on Tuesday 23 December via Twitter.

– Nominate someone by emailing [email protected].

Good luck!


If you are coming to Webstock ’13, you may wish to pre-register. The benefits of this include:

– avoidance of massive queues and an unhurried signing-in process

– time to peruse the schwag in a leisurely fashion

– an opportunity to engage in witty banter with the Webstock Welcome Committee

Should you wish to pre-register, come on down to the ground floor of the Town Hall, just inside the main entrance between the following hours:

9.30am – 4pm on Monday & Tuesday
9.30am – 12pm on Wednesday

Members of the Webstock Welcome Committee, ready to welcome you to Webstock ’13

Happy Webstock Week!